Having operated in the international defense market for nearly 30 years, MLM can ease a company’s expansion into the international marketplace. We have experience with foreign government procurement processes, contract requirements, and financial transactions, and our network of experienced and trusted partners around the world offer unparalleled insight into their respective markets.

For foreign military customers, we add value by serving as a prime contractor or integrator of defense systems that are otherwise not available from one manufacturer.

• 155mm & 105mm Artillery

• 120mm & 105mm Tank Ammunition

• Mortar Ammunition
• 40mm High Velocity and Low Velocity Grenades

• 25mm Bushmaster Ammunition

• 20mm Aircraft Ammunition
• 9mm – 12.7mm NATO

• Eastern Bloc Calibers
• Mk 80 Series

• BLU-109

• Fuzes
Full Range of small, medium and large caliber weapons including those manufactured by General Dynamics-Ordnance and Tactical Systems